Women’s Self Defense at Deftac Ortigas AIC BJJ

Last Saturday, April 9, 2016, was the first of the self-defense seminars for women that was held at Deftac Ortigas AIC in partnership with JAB Ph – #JuanAgainstBullying

It was quite refreshing to know that a lot of women these days are deciding to equip themselves on how to fight back. Deftac Ortigas BJJ is one of many Deftac Brazilian Jiujitsu Gyms you can train in here at the metro. Brazilian Jiujitsu is an art for self-defense which is suitable for smaller individuals to be able to defend themselves against larger opponents. That being said making it perfect for women and perfect for people getting bullied.

JAB Ph is a movement that aims to empower people to be able to stand up for themselves against bullies and in this case we aim to empower women to learn how to protect themselves.

Self-defense is more of an enlightenment on certain situations where one finds him or herself helpless, and not in control. Being able to demonstrate and recreate certain scenarios on what can happen during attacks, you will then be able to then think on your feet and react appropriately fending off your attacker, and getting the control back to you.

Last Saturday’s seminar was a success, and we are quite refreshed to know that we were able to impart skills / techniques that may one day (which we hope never comes) be able to save a life or detract one from danger’s way.