Technique over Aggression

Here’s a 51 second video that shows 2 teenage kids dueling it out on a field with lots of people watching. It appears that one of the guys fighting seem to be the bully of the 2, which was the aggressor in this case.

When in a fight, always assume that you would get hit and then just push forward through and do what you know. In this case you see the smaller individual eats a knee but continuous on to get the take down, he tries to control the position but eventually ends on his back taking hits. Nevertheless he continued to apply his jiujitsu techniques and was able to get the larger opponent into an armbar and to submission.

That’s when the crowd stepped in saying “he tapped” or something of the sort and the fight was stopped.

Clearly a case of bullying where 1 guy versus everyone else because even after the fight was stopped you can here people bashing the other guy saying “stand toe to toe” and what not. But at the end of the day, what matters was that person, the smaller individual, was able to stand up for himself and stopped the other guy from putting more hurt onto him with his Brazilian Jiujitsu.