Stepping up to Bullies

Here’s another case of bullying where the “bullied” is actually older than the bully. It is quite alarming to know that a lot of kids these days suffer from incidents of such and based on the interview Casey mentions that one of the reasons that people bully him was that he doesn’t fight back and was an easy target.

This is actually new to me looking back at my childhood and had my own share of getting bullied. Back then all I could think of was that I was afraid, scared to get hurt because they were many, they were bigger and stronger than me. Needless did I know that these guys just prey on those they think they can step on and is actually afraid themselves. All it takes is courage and confidence that you would be able to fend off these no-good doers. If I had some self defense skills back then and knew how to be able to handle myself in tight situations, I would have been able to live more freely back then, not scared and more confident.

Casey in this case has been bullied a lot, he even sited a time when he was taped to a pole, called names and contemplated suicide. Bullying is something that parents have no control of and it is really alarming how other people (bullies) have no idea of the negative impact they are having on someone else’s life.

These incidents have got to stop and we should start to educate the children of today on how to be able to handle themselves in difficult situations. We should do our best to equip them with the right tools and having the right attitude. Learning to say NO, and to stand up for yourself is already a good start.

Teaching them self defense would be the next step. We encourage kids to get into martial arts programs to equip themselves not to hurt other people but to be able to control the situation and have the right knowledge to defend themselves when the need arises.

Watch the clip below which is a more raw footage of the incident.

Bullying is clearly a serious case for kids and it’s about time that we start to think of how to creatively and safely prevent this from happening to them.