Has the MMA world seen the last of Ronda Rousey?

Technique of the Day: Toreada Pass Variation

Jiu-jitsu, 80% of the time is passing the guard, and recovering it. It is important to have a solid passing game and be able to keep it after getting it.

Here’s a Toreada pass variation from Demian Maia.

Ronda Rousey vs BJ Penn (BJJ Sparring at AOJ)

Check out how Ronda Rousey does against a phenomenal BJJ Black Belt in BJ Penn.

Congratulations Kyle Kapunan for Winning Gold at the Philippine BJJ International Open 2015

A big congratulations to Deftac Ortigas one and only competitor Kyle Kapunan celebrated his brown belt debut with a gold! Kyle has been studying hard for his entrance test for law school and still managed to bag the gold. Truly an inspiration!

Props to everyone who competed and special mention to our team Deftac-Ribeiro for representing and bagging medals in the men’s and women’s divisions.



BJJ Lifestyle: Marcus Almeida Buchecha

Let’s take a look at how Marcus Buchecha spends his usual day, what a champion’s regular routine is.

Buchecha has made it big in the BJJ scene in the last 5 years more significantly in the last 3. He has proven himself best in the world time and again.

More into the video you will see that Buchecha is just as good as the people who surround him – Lucas Leite, and Leo Vieira to name a few. And as the saying goes, surround yourself by 5 champions and most likely you will be the 6th.

Dedication and lots and lots of heart is what I think Buchecha has and most of all he loves Jiujitsu.

Do what you love and love what you do but in anything great there should always be balance. Enjoy this video sponsored by Hayabusa and JitsTV.

Another Year – New Goals – New Milestones

Another year is coming to an end, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has been part and continues to be part of our brand Project Lifestyle Manila.

To all our new comers starting their Brazilian Jiujitsu Journeys, we welcome you and we hope to see you progress and gain all the benefits BJJ has to offer.

We at Project Lifestyle Manila simply wish to be part of your journey to becoming more healthy by being more involved.

2015 will be more of everything and as 1 year ends, it prepares us for a more successful beginning. We look forward to being part of your lifestyle this 2015!

Mabuhay from Team Project Lifestyle Manila – a healthier way to a better you!


Ashton Kutcher Gets his Purple Belt

Congratulations to Ashton Kutcher on his recent promotion. It’s not everyday you see a dedicated celebrity with the gentle art.

It’s takes patience, hard work and lots of dedication to get your purple belt and in under 3 years.


Full story: http://www.bjjee.com/featured/ashton-kutcher-promoted-to-bjj-purple-belt-by-rigan-machado/

Press: Project Lifestyle Manila Launches 2 for 1 BJJ Promo as Christmas Gift

Project Lifestyle Manila, a healthy lifestyle group promotes Brazilian Jiujitsu as your Christmas gift to you and your buddy.

Spreading health awareness, camaraderie and fitness is not as easy as it sounds, Project Lifestyle and BJJ Blackbelt Toffy Ilagan says.

As products of Brazilian Jiujitsu ourselves, we know the benefits that Jiujitsu has given us and some of which are patience, strength, flexibility, and confidence to name a few.

Project Lifestyle Manila offers a unique gift to get you started with BJJ. We all know that starting with something new is difficult, so our resident Blackbelt, Toffy Ilagan, thought that what better way to start something new than with someone you are comfortable with either with your friend, family, or that special someone.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is a gentle art that is perfect for smaller individuals to defend themselves with bigger assailants, it is the perfect self-defense for women, and a good way to stay healthy, be fit and stay strong.

This is the perfect starter for anyone. Now when people want to start with something new, they are often hindered that they may not fit in. That is definitely un-true – BJJ is for everyone, and to top things off you can now bring a buddy with you and enjoy the benefits of Brazilian Jiujitsu together.

Project Lifestyle Manila is located at Unit 1418 Aic-Burgundy Empire Towers ADB Avenue Corner Garnett Rd. in front of TGI Fridays Robinson’s Galleria.

Link: http://www.1888pressrelease.com/project-lifestyle-manila-launches-2-for-1-christmas-promo-pr-549222.html

Monday’s We Train!

Start the week right, go train!

Brazilian Jiujitsu is about the journey and not the finish line.

Monday Fitspiration


21 Benefits of Brazilian Jiujitsu

There are different reasons why a person can get involved with Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Some are simply born to it having parents that are already involved. Some are simply looking for the next challenge to face or new adventure to undertake.

If you find yourself in a crossroad if you want to do or try Brazilian Jiu-jitsu here’s a compiled list of 21 reasons on why you should train BJJ.

The More

Marcelo Garcia Warm Up Drills 01 - YouTube 2014-11-21 11-25-47If you are already fit both physical and mental then BJJ can help you be more of yourself.

  1. More Patient
  2. More Strength
  3. More Agile
  4. More Muscular
  5. More Focused

BJJ commits to an intensive training regimen that would definitely put yourself to the test and even for the most balanced individuals. You will know more about yourself and will help you utilize the best qualities you have and improve it more.

Trains you to

IMG_3121Training in the gentle art is very methodical in which you will find yourself being cultured in such that you will

  1. Persevere
  2. Work hard
  3. Be Flexible
  4. Become humble
  5. Focus on solutions
  6. Solve problems

The Inevitables

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has a lot of positive effects on its practitioners. Some act as if it was a means to an end e.g. having a hobby, wants to make friends, or just a substitute from going to the gym. For others, there is spirituality to it where being one with Jiu-jitsu becomes a lifestyle, a life’s choice. Below are collected benefits one eventually has when training BJJ.

  1. asian-openYou find yourself calm and happy
  2. A boost in your morale or confidence
  3. Losing that unwanted weight off.
  4. You start living life more fully, more spontaneous, more LIFE!
  5. You become curious again and looking forward to new things to try.
  6. Better Sleep!
  7. You find yourself having more friends, or better, having a second family, of people you can trust.
  8. You learn to control your fear, facing it then conquering.
  9. You have a better understanding of your physical limitations or of people in general.
  10. Most importantly, BJJ improves ones attitude towards life in general.

We have met and talked with a lot of people that can attest to this and more so some of which even say that Jiu-jitsu saved their lives.

What has Jiu-jitsu done for you? Feel free to share and let us spread the word!

If you have not started BJJ then I dare you top the list above on why you cannot do Jiujitsu then we’re square!

Join the nearest BJJ club in your area, but if you are within the Metro, feel free to join Deftac Ortigas and let’s strive together to create your own Jiu-jitsu story.

Project Lifestyle Manila (Deftac Ortigas) is located at Unit 1418 Aic-Burgundy Empire Towers ADB ave. cor. Garnet rd. infront of TGI Fridays, Robinson’s Galleria.