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JAB x JLL Self-defense workshop held at @yogaplusexpress.legazpi! Thanks @davethemanuel and team for making this happen 👊🏻
Self-defense class with #MrMsChinatown2017 candidates at @projectlifestylemnl. Follow @mrmschinatownph for updates. Photo by @leonglarry.
"Being quick to anger is not a good trait to possess. When you let your temper control who you are, you become a reckless person who doesn't think straight and winds up making many mistakes. It is true when they say that cooler heads prevail. When you look at something from a calm standpoint and try to think in terms of logic and what is best for you, the results you get will be better. Even when there are those who seek to anger you out of spite or hatred you should not them play you for a fool. Being in control of your emotions will allow you to come out the better man or woman." #JuanAgainstBullying #JabPH #SelfMastery #BruceLee

All Women's Intro to MMA - Striking, Wrestling,  Grappling on June 3, 2017 from 9AM to 3PM. @femmefatalephilippines 
No experience in MMA required.

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#JuanAgainstBullying #JabPH #MMA #BJJ #MartialArts #SelfDefense #Boxing #MuayThai #Wrestling #Striking #Grappling #MixedMartialArts
Self-defense workshop at Citibank - Part 2! 👊🏻 #JabPH #JuanAgainstBullying #SelfDefense #BJJ #MartialArts #AntiBullying
Philplay x JabPH 👍🏻 #JuanAgainstBullying #JabPH
Some photos of our inaugural event: FEMME FATALE Women's Workshop. All photos by Jon Bernard Dumdum. More on our FB page 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #JuanAgainstBullying #JabPH #FemmeFatalePH #MartialArts #MMA #BJJ #SelfDefense #MuayThai #Boxing #Wrestling #WomenEmpowerment #AntiBullying
Powerful grace, beautiful destruction. Thank you ladies for taking the first steps toward becoming the warrior you can be at our inaugural Femme Fatale: Womens MMA Workshop! We hope you continue learning the art of combat. To many more! 👊🏼 #JuanAgainstBullying #JabPH #FemmeFatalePH
1 week FREE PASS (BJJ) at any Fight Factory Manila branch when you register to our event FEMME FETALE (link in our bio) care of our sponsor @fightfactorymanila. Check our last post for details 😊

Project Lifestyle Manila in partnership with Deftac Ortigas AIC and JABPH (Juan Against Bullying) is conducting a Free Seminar for All Women on Self Defense.

Saturday – June 4, 2016 would be the 5th leg of the FREE Seminar series which will be held again at Deftac AIC Ortigas. Register on the form below to reserve your slot.

Last May 7 was the 4th leg of Project Lifestyle Manila x JAB Philippines collaboration on giving FREE Self Defense Classes for women. We understand that it is a violent place out there and it is better to be ready and not need it, than need it and not be ready.

Project Lifestyle Manila with Deftac AIC Ortigas trains in the gentle art of Brazilian Jiujitsu, and we believe that BJJ is the most effective self-defense art that one can learn. It’s all about controlling the situations and deciding what outcome you want to have. It is not the exchange of blows but the use of proper form and leverage in executing technique that would enable the smaller individual fend for him/herself in an altercation.

We have seen videos of people getting bullied and women being violently attacked, and what we want to share is a way for one to become more confident in handling one’s self in situations here often.

Jiujitsu does not only teach you how to fight, but enables you to overcome fear. Facing it daily in training will get you there a step at a time until you are ready to not give up in whatever bad situation that you will be in.

We encourage everyone to start their Brazilian Jiujitsu journeys and embrace the Jiujitsu Lifestyle that we have found to love over the years. We are just happy that we are able to share and impart the lifestyle that we have to enable and empower other people who we are sure to benefit from it.