Ashton Kutcher Gets his Purple Belt

Congratulations to Ashton Kutcher on his recent promotion. It’s not everyday you see a dedicated celebrity with the gentle art. It’s takes patience, hard work and lots of dedication to get your purple belt and in under 3 years. Congratulations. Full story: Continue Reading

BJJ Kids Match

Get your kids into Jiujitsu! Get with the program. Check out these cute little ones having at it. Project Lifestyle Manila offers Brazilian Jiujitsu for Kids Classes – Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 6pm lead by our Blue Belt and BJJ competitor Jeromel Domingo. Continue Reading

Breaking the Closed Guard

It’s back to basics for us this Saturday. It’s very important to remember that before we can do any kind of pass, the first step is always breaking the closed guard. Here JT Torres demonstrates a simple yet effective way for us to break the closed guard. Key points: Posture, Control the hips, Stability Once read more Continue Reading

Verbal Jiujitsu

Brazilian Jiujitsu, it’s concepts, is not bounded. And as with other things that BJJ helps you with, Jiujitsu can also be applied to bullying situations. This video which is illustrated by Rener Gracie shows how Jiujitsu can be done verbally. It was a bit confusing at first but after you listen and understand what he read more Continue Reading